By Football Wonderkids speaking to Alex Barker

14th Oct, 2022 | 11:46am

Journalist not convinced by 'very predictable' Manchester United winger Antony

We’re delighted to welcome freelance journalist Alex Barker, also known as Euro Expert, who has worked for Breaking The Lines, GFFN and more, as our exclusive columnist. Each week he will be giving his views on the biggest talking points on Wonderkids across the UK…

Journalist Alex Barker is yet to be convinced by Manchester United winger Antony despite his blistering start to life in the Premier League.

The Brazilian winger became the first Manchester United player ever to score in each of his first three Premier League games when he scored against Everton last weekend, to keep up his 100% record in the competition so far.

But despite being wowed by that stat, Barker hasn’t been blown away by the 22 year old starlet and admitted that he feels he is “very predictable” and thinks he still needs to do better despite his good start.

“Wow that’s an incredible stat,” he told The Football Wonderkids.

“I’ll tell you what, I was actually quite worried about him and I vocalised that on my profile. He’s a very predictable player, so you know exactly what he’s doing in the Arjen Robben sense where you know he’s going to cut inside and either shoot or pass.

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“But clearly that’s not really being stopped by opposition teams who are struggling to cope with him. Clearly there is more to his game. That goal he scored against Everton, where he was the late arriving attacker. He did the same against Arsenal, where he could fire it into the far corner is helping with his positioning to help him find that extra space.

“I will be really interested to see how he does when teams really have more time to pay attention to him, because I do think he’ll need to up his game even more than what we’re currently seeing.

“I think there is still potential for him to go missing if the opposition full-back really nails him down.

“It’ll be interesting to see.. What Arsenal did against Liverpool where they had Tomiyasu at left-back, that meant that whenever Salah came inside Tomiyasu was on his stronger right foot and was more adept at stopping him.

“I’d be really curious to see how that sort of setup could do against Antony, having a full-back ready to stop him cutting inside, how he’d manage to cope with that and what he’d be able to do to stop them.”

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