Youth football expert emphasises need for young loanees to hit ground running

We’re delighted to welcome the founder of Kinetic Academy Harry Hudson as our exclusive columnist. Each week the youth football expert will be giving his views on the biggest talking points on wonderkids across the UK…

Youth football is a safe cocoon for teenagers looking to make their way in the professional game but it doesn’t last forever.

As soon as a player gets to a certain age, which can vary based on circumstances, they are expected to be ready to play first-team football whether that be with their parent club or out on loan further down the pyramid.

Kinetic Academy founder Harry Hudson knows very well how loans can benefit all parties as the manager of non-league side Sevenoaks FC as well as helping 62 players reach the professional game through his foundation.

But the youngsters at Premier League clubs can’t be guaranteed to play every week and the shock of playing in front of thousands of fans in a much more physical game can be a good litmus test that Hudson has emphasised the importance of.

“It is a real culture shock for them,” Hudson told The Football Wonderkids. “I think even the style of football and the facilities, the pitch will all be a big shock to them.

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“When a young player goes out on loan, they are expected to hit the ground running because if you’re a manager and you’ve got your squad and then bring in a Premier League youngster on loan, you’re not going to give them loads of time because they’re not your player.

“They could be gone in three, six months, whatever it may be so if they can’t come in and make an immediate impact or impression then a manager might not give them all of the limited resources to improve.

“I don’t blame the managers for that either because they will probably have their own squad player who is yours for another two or three years.”

In other Kinetic Academy news, Hudson wants games at an Under-19 level to have an added competitive edge to prepare them for the next step.