By Liam Thomas

7th Oct, 2022 | 6:10pm

Romeo Beckham now training with Brentford B team - report

David Beckham’s son Romeo has been training with the Brentford B team, as the 20-year-old looks to progress further in his football career, according to The Times.

The winger is currently under contract with Inter Miami, the MLS club owned by his father and it’s currently unclear how long he’ll be training with Brentford.

Romeo played for Arsenal at the youth level and is the second oldest of four Beckham children, and seems to be following in his father’s footsteps.

The 20-year-old signed a deal with Fort Lauderdale, the reserve team of Inter Miami in September last year, before going on to make his professional debut.

Romeo was released by Arsenal in 2014 and it was initially thought that he didn’t want to pursue a career in the sport after this.

The winger returned to the game in 2020 and his appearance training with the Brentford B team suggests his love for the game is growing.

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In the harsh world of modern football, the chance to become a professional is slim and it seems having a famous footballing father may have helped in this case.

That’s not to say that Beckham’s son Romeo isn’t good enough to make it, it’s simply stating the facts that he’ll likely of had better opportunities than other budding footballers to make it pro.

It will be interesting to see how far the youngster can go in the game, he’s certainly not at a Premier League standard yet and the thought of him playing in the English lower leagues seems ludicrous.

To be fair, he scored two goals in 26 appearances for Inter Miami II, one of which was a lovely little free-kick that was reminiscent of his father David.

The scrutiny will be big with this one and more time in the US may be the best move for him to progress his career further.

Although, football club’s marketing and sales teams will be licking their lips at the prospects of international shirt sales with the newest Beckham name on the back.

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